Maximilian and Selina

Author: Unknown; Publication: 1804

A tale of romance, resentment, and revenge, this chapbook tells the story of a noble family living in France as one brother’s evil corrupts the lives of those around him.

The Affecting History of Louisa

Author: Unknown; Publication: 1804

Inspired by a George Henry Glasse translation, this chapbook connects the life of Louisa, a deranged wanderer of Bourton, England, to her greatest loss—the social denial of her identity as the German Emperor’s daughter.

Arabian Lovers

Author: Claude Savary; Publication: 1804

This chapbook, sometimes published with “The Magician, or the Mystical Adventures of Seraphina,” was originally in Arabic and describes a story of heartbreak and reunion.

Somerset Castle

Author: Unknown; Publication: 1804

Within the Somerset Castle and beyond, the realities of death and despair plague the forbidden love of a young couple, leading to both demise and prosperity.

Ghost and No Ghost

Author: Unknown; Publication: 1804

In this chapbook published with “Somerset Castle” but by an unknown author, a story of romance and adultery meets murderers, mysteries, and more.