The Commodore’s Daughter

Author: Benjamin Barker; Publication: 1847

Where one end is tied, another frays. With its twists and turns, this transatlantic tale recounts
heartbreak, love, desire, and greed.


Author: Thomas Peckett Prest; Publication: 1841

A tale of murder, mystery, and forbidden love, this serialized novel of haunted ruins was published by Edward Lloyd.

Rose Sommerville

Author: Ellen T.; Publication: 1846

A tale of love, murder, and regret, this novel published by Edward Lloyd revolves around an innocent, beautiful girl marrying a man who has a very dark past.


Author: Ellen T.; Publication: 1847

A tale of two sisters and intersecting love stories that cross societal boundaries, this book follows romances that ultimately lead to madness, disparity, and fatality.

Mary, the Primrose Girl

Author: Miss Wakefield; Publication: 1847

In this novel, a wide cast of characters—featuring a brother and sister, a curious stranger, surprise family relations, and love triangles—culminates in happy marriages.

The Royal Twins

Author: Thomas Peckett Prest; Publication: 1848

This novel, set in England and against a backdrop of poverty, tells the tale of twin girls who endure kidnapping, fire, and secrecy, all as a result of the 1772 Royal Marriage Act.

Julia St. Pierre

Author: Unknown; Publication: 1842

This novel is commonly mistaken for a 1796 novel with a similar title by Helen Craik, but is actually a short plagiarized adaptation of a 1797 play by J. C. Cross.